Through passion, process, and personal touch, dàmà products elevate the cannabis experience.

With a premium line of Dried Flower, Oil Concentrate, Vapor, Capsules, and Wax, dàmà invites everyone from the novice to the most discerning connoisseur to discover a premium cannabis experience with a sophisticated line of products that deliver consistent purity and potency.

The Dàmà Process

With our locally grown and expertly prepared cannabis products, dàmà upholds the rich heritage of the plant, while transforming and diversifying its uses, from our flagship oil to premium flower. At dàmà, we are passionate in our pursuit to perfect the craft of growing the finest cannabis.


1. Cloning

Genetically identical clippings are chosen, cut, and incubated to make sure they sprout roots in the humid Washington environment.

2. Vegetative

Once the clippings start the growth process, they are transferred to larger pots to achieve optimal size.


3. Flower

With more room to thrive, the plants flower to grow the trichomes that hold the active cannabinoids, more commonly called thc / cbd.

4. Curing

The plants are hand harvested, hung, and dried to the ideal moisture, allowing prime potency.


5. Trimming

Only the largest, finest flower buds are chosen to sell, and smaller dried flowers are used to make concentrate, leaving nothing to waste.

6. Oil

First we finely grind the plant material, and after a food-grade ethanol alcohol bath the full plant resins are extracted. The cbd and thc strains are identified during this step, and used to prepare different hash oils, which is also used to make our vapor cartridges and capsules.


7. Package

The finished product is packaged as quickly as possible, and shipped to keep the freshness of the process intact. Our premium dried flower is sealed in a nitrogen wash to ensure freshness.

Dàmà Products

The word “dàmà” comes from the oldest known Neolithic culture in China, the Yang-shao and was their expression for cannabis. Today, dàmà Cannabis Products stands as a leader of quality in the industry.

Our goal is to produce the safest, most effective, highest quality cannabis products on the market. We utilize cutting edge growing technologies in order to provide the best materials for our products and consistently batch test using Washington state certified cannabis laboratories.

Our story begins with dàmà Oil, an award-winning cannabis concentrate that continues to be a consumer favorite.


Premium Oil Cannabis

Award winning concentrate available in standardized thc and cbd versions, in an assortment of flavors and sizes. Great for smoking, dabbing, or to enhance the dried flower potency.


Premium Dried Cannabis

Nurtured using superior growing techniques and technologies, only Grade One buds are selected and hand trimmed. With over 20 premium strains available, this is the most consistent and the highest quality flower in the industry.


Premium Vapor Cannabis

Convenient pre-filled standardized thc vapor cartridge, available in an assortment of flavors and strains. With a 5/10 universal thread pattern, this discreet and easy to use product will fit most vapor pens and has a non-carcinogenic uptake.


Premium Wax Cannabis

Our full-melt, high-terpene wax is made using the highest quality extraction methods, and is perfect for relieving everyday stress and for mood elevation. Its world-class flavor and aroma make it a favorite among customers. As with all of our products, our wax is third-party tested for quality, purity, and safety.


Premium Cannabis Oil Capsules

Easy dosing and long lasting, these capsules are available in both cbd & thc formulations that have been blended with essential oils to complement the effects of the cannabis plant.


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Batch Test

As a leader in the industry, dàmà strives to inform and educate consumers about their specific strain of cannabis. Each product shows a batch number that can be entered below to receive a full report on your plants cannabinoids including thc and cbd.

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